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Church at Taylor Florida

Pastor "Preacherman" Chet Harden's vision
of the church at
Taylor, Florida
was the inspiration that started The Highway to Heaven Church which is currently holding services at
911 Edgewood South
Jacksonville, Florida

We often have events at this campsite. To view a map to the Taylor, Florida Campsite, click here.

Highway To Heaven Church

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By Bikers For Bikers - Everyone Welcomed

What's Happening at the Church

COME ON DOWN: To your Highway To Heaven Church at 911 Edgewood South.

Church Service starts at 11:00am, but come early for some coffee, donuts and fellowship from 10:00 to 11:00am.

Also, don't forget our Bible Study sessions on Wednesday evenings, 7 to 8pm it's beyond awesome! Join us!

To all of our people at Highway to heaven church and to those that follow us at highwaytoheavenchurch.com or Facebook please be advised.
I am Pastor Chet – last week, Sunday the 13th of April,  at Highway to Heaven Church we covered in our service– Palm Sunday – the Passover Feast – and the Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples.

This coming Sunday the 20th we will be covering what is commonly referred to as good Friday which was the day that Christ was accused – found guilty suffered extreme brutality from not only the religious leaders but also went before Pontius Pilate – then scourged by the Roman military and is sent to the cross for crucifixion. He was buried but the tomb could not hold him, and on resurrection Sunday he rose from the grave. 40 days later he would ascend to the Father in heaven.

This had to be done to fulfill prophecy leading to the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Christ suffering all of this for us and given his blood we would not have redemption of our sins and have no place before the father and would be like most of the world which on judgment day will be cast into the outer darkness.

He gave his life that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He gave his life that we as captive of sin could be set free to live a life with the joy peace and love of our God over us forever.

This Sunday represents a wonderful time to invite your friends, family members and your coworkers etc. to come and join you at church. They will be able to hear what it takes to become a Christian and through the service learn the great love of the father and son who made these things happen so that we all could become children of The Most High God.

So please join us at 911 Edgewood Ave., South this coming Sunday the 20th for coffee and doughnuts from 10 to 11 AM – thanks service starts at 11.

Who knows what wonderful things might come out of this visit. Hope to see you there!

                               May God's love and His hand be upon you always,       
Pastor Chet



We are now posting the weekly sermons at the church and events we attend on Youtube. Take a look at the latest video by clicking here.

Return weekly to see the latest sermon or event. Even better, come on out an join in on the celebration of life through Jesus Christ.

congregationHighway to Heaven Church was created by bikers for bikers. However, it is not exclusive to bikers. In the true spirit of Christ’s word, everyone is welcome to attend. It is a “come-as-you-are" church and is not concerned with where you come from, but in what direction you want to be heading both in this life and your eternal life after death. If you have a desire to be more familiar with the Word of God and closer to Christ and your fellow man through the Holy Spirit, then Highway to Heaven Church is where you should be. Our church is friendly and comfortable, yet vibrant and strong in spirit.  It is a place of refuge for those seeking to know God's grace and mercy through the sacrifice of His Son, Christ Jesus.

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Pastor Chet Harden is the founder of the Church.
His effort brought together a group of bikers with true Christian values as the founding elders of the church. Their continued effort has helped to bring to Christ new Christians both from within and outside of the biker's community.

Highway to Heaven Church enjoys a membership with a mix of varied backgrounds including bikers, recovering alcoholics/addicts and others, both young and old . The current church membership ranges from those who are financially well off to those who are financially struggling.

The focus on our spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ through study of God's Word in the scripture, in a relaxed 'come as you are' atmosphere, makes this mix of people from varied backgrounds into a phenomenal church family. We welcome you to attend Highway to Heaven Church no matter your financial or social history.